Update as of February 5, 2019

Facebook’s Event Setup Tool

It’s official.
We never need to WAIT AROUND FOR A DEVELOPER AGAIN to get a Facebook campaign LIVE 🎉

There have been times when I’ve launched campaigns without tracking, just waiting around for a developer to implement the tracking I need. Or worse, they aren’t doing it correctly.

No more… now we use Facebook’s Event Setup Tool!

Note: you must be given admin access to the pixel to use this feature.

Navigate to Pixels > Set Up > Set Up New Events.

When would you use this feature? ALL THE TIME.

  • When you’re trying to track conversions through button clicks (no thank-you page or the button takes them offsite).
  • When the landing page has a thank you page and you want to track anyone who lands there as a conversion.

Casually slide in the URL of the landing page and choose to have the tool start tracking the click of a button.

As if Facebook has waved its magic wand, buttons are outlined and can be selected as events.

You also have the option to if you have a thank-you page.

In either case, choose the event type for the button that remains consistent with the rest of your tracking strategy.

Disclaimer: buttons work by reading the text. That goes for button text on any button site wide. SO if you have tracking implemented elsewhere using code for a button with the same textthe numbers will be double-counted.

Use the test events feature to ensure the correct tracking is in place and nothing is double-tracking.

This new feature has saved me SO MUCH hassle and time. Jah bless, Facebook, jah bless.


Original Post Published on March 26, 2019

Conversion tracking setup can be a bit of a headache. I can’t tell you how many times clients have pushed for ads to go live before tracking setup is complete because of delays.

There are a few different ways to configure conversion tracking in Facebook now – hardcoding, Google Tag Manager & many third-party plugins – each implementation capable of a whole flurry of unforeseen issues.

Introducing Automatic Advanced Matching

Facebook is really smart. They pay attention to the pain points of its marketers and are constantly improving their service. This most recent development in the wonderful world of tracking is exactly that.

Events on your website that are automatically detected by Facebook free of coding!

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Turn on automatic advanced matching. Could it be that simple?

Why yes. Yes it could.

If you have a website that makes use of standard conversion tactics (make a purchase, add to cart, book an appointment, etc), Facebook is now intelligent enough to detect those actions without you doing anything at all, indicated by a neat little icon.

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Take for example, an email capture field on an eCommerce website. Before this nifty feature, a developer would need to go in and place specific code on the website to inform Facebook each time this action occurred.

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Now, these conversions track themselves!

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When we completed the email form, the pixel fired the “Subscribe” event. Voila!

I highly recommend giving this feature a try. Switch it on (inside of the events page in Business Manager) and use the real time “Test Events” feature in Pixels on Business Manager to test where these conversions are being tracked.

Side note: the Test Events functionality is ah-maze. It essentially tracks every action you take on your website in *real time* and how the pixel reads it.

As these automatically tracked events start to populate, you will notice them appear in the main events window with that special icon.

You must go in to each automatically tracked event and tell Facebook to start tracking by checking the track checkbox and continue.

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I really love how easy Facebook has become to use. It makes it so much easier to focus in on the things I love about this job – creative campaign strategies and designing cool, effective ads.

Have you tried this feature? Have you had any difficulties with it? Drop me a comment.


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