I have a special power

No, it’s not tableside card tricks or doing the wave with my tongue (although I can do that).

I’m an empath – not to be mistaken for a telepath, although talking to others with my mind would be hella cool.

It means that I feel the emotions of people around me.

It only took me 5 years of being elbow deep in Facebook ads to realize that was why I’m good at it.

I guess you could say that’s what got me into marketing in the first place. I love how it feels to make meaningful connections with other people – that is the human condition.

It just so happens that social media makes it possible for brands to do this with their customers now, too.

Personality and empathy can create relationships between brands and their customers – they also make sales.

I’ve made it my life’s work to help brands and marketers find their voice and their customers on social media.

“She’s helped us take our paid social acquisition to a whole different level making Facebook advertising account for a considerably large portion our net new MQL pipeline. She’s a veteran in her craft and is a delight to work with.” 

Parisa Tootazehi, TouchBistro

” Robyn truly embodies the notion of using social for good. Her passion, skill and dedication make her a rockstar in the field. She creates meaningful, positive social communities, using tactics that can only be collected through her years of unique experience. What’s more, Robyn’s secret weapon is her thirst for knowledge, and continuous self-growth. Consider yourself lucky if you can snag Robyn for your team! “

Tieja MacLaughlin, TIEJA Inc.

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