Facebook ads flex ?

There are a lot of digital marketing “gurus” out there promising the world, but end up only outsourcing to it.

It’s your job to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s my job to show you what questions to ask, all the while quietly convincing you of my expertise.

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The least talked about, most important element of Facebook Ads

So many of the clients I’ve worked with (almost 100%) were using Facebook’s conversion tracking incorrectly.

Think of Facebook’s tracking as a blueprint your campaigns use to build more efficiently.

No blueprint – no bueno. 

One of the first places I check when taking on a new client is their conversion setup. Crowdriff’s prior agency was making one of the most common conversion mistakes I see. 

The first order of business? Fix that shit.

Immediately the results spoke volumes.

When comparing two campaigns with the exact same offer, one with the correct tracking, one without, we saw:

A drop of 68% in cost per lead with the same volume of leads – all for 71% less ad spend in 45 fewer days

So yeah, I’d say it had a pretty big impact

But can you write?

I’m gonna let you in on the worst kept Facebook ads secret.

Copy and creative is everything.

Taking an offer, distilling it down, all the while creating intrigue and/or excitement takes time, effort and an understanding of the audience you can’t fake. 

There’s really no shortcut. Well, there is, but those ads straight up don’t work.

In my business, 50% or more of my time is spent crafting copy and hooks for my clients ads.

Recently, I launched a new ecommerce brand with ads I would consider a labor of love.

Trademark Beauty’s debut to the world won them a unique click-through rate of 8.23% overall with some audiences ranging from 11-12%!

To clarify, that’s f’n amazing for a new brand to an audience who’s never heard of them before. 

There should always be a strategy

Facebook ads get more expensive by the minute!

Big brands are constantly pulling budgets from traditional media, like radio or TV, and dumping into social ads.

Don’t worry though! That just means the little guys like us need to get more scrappy with their strategies.

A not-for-profit I work with runs entirely on donations so spending efficiently is important.

Using an always-on approach to audience building, this account is continuously populating post engagements, video views and page fans. Basically audiences that are familiar with the brand.

When we have a new offer to launch, you better believe these are the first people to hear about it. Why? 

Using this strategy, Our Daily Bread has seen campaigns convert at 61%! That’s why.

Don’t settle for less than the complete package

Finding the right Facebook Ads agency is a lot like dating.

It’s expensive, time consuming and there’s no real guarantee that things will turn out the way you want them to.

And just like dating, it never pays to settle for less.

Ask the hard-hitting questions and expect to see examples of ads they are proud to say they created.

Feeling a spark right now?

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