Facebook ads that
sell like hell and look like heaven

Robyn Henke is a Facebook marketer empowering brands with social ads that work.

There is a lot of talk about overnight success with Facebook ads.

Let’s get one thing straight – the only success happening overnight is a really great sleep.
Want the truth? A lot of marketers underestimate the complexity of Facebook ads.
A heck of a lot more goes into a successful campaign than slapping together an ad and waiting for the dollas to show up.

I’m sorry – who are you?

Robyn Henke

How rude of me…

My name is Robyn Henke, and I’m  the owner of this boutique digital marketing shop you’ve stumbled upon. We work with brands and marketers every day to help them tap into one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing: Facebook ads (that includes Instagram ads, too).


100+ clients have entrusted me with well over $1,000,000 to sell out first-year events, make new brands profitable, and create sales strategies they can use on social.


Picking up what I’m putting down? Do yourself a favour and click the button below to get started on the beginning of a beautiful Facebook ads relationship.

What do your Facebook ads have that I don’t? 

Let’s say you’re talking to someone you don’t know and every time they speak, you SHOUT OVER TOP OF THEM. Is this still a conversation?

That’s a big fat no, and social etiquette has everything to do with success on the platform.

Facebook (and Instagram) are no different than a real life party.
*cue the social anxiety*

It takes time to develop the kind of trust that’s needed to make a connection or a purchase.

That means ads that don’t look or feel like ads.

There’s got to be more to it than that!

You’re right.

It’s not as simple as just talking the social ads talk, while that is, in my opinion, the most important concept to grasp.

There is also a whole world of technology Facebook has built for its advertisers to leverage.

Tools, that when scattered, misused or used in isolation, completely lose their gusto.

Speaking of tools, I’m a bit of a legend when it comes to auditing ad accounts. If you’re feeling like you need a better understanding of how these pieces fit together, drop me a line below.

So how does this all fit together?

Facebook is always changing, the same way we do as people.

What works today may not work tomorrow. What platform functionalities exist now, may eventually become Zuckerberg’s latest crime.

What I know has come with years of practice and a thirst for knowledge not even Nestea can quench.


…her appetite to always learn more is unprecedented

– Danai, TouchBistro


Robyn’s secret weapon is her thirst for knowledge, and continuous self-growth

– Tieja, Tieja Inc.


But you don’t have that kind of time – you need this shit to work now.

You’ve got some options, my friend.

You can grant me the luxury of gracing your inbox with Facebook hacks, heartaches, & time-saving tricks in an email newsletter I call Chirps from a Social Birdy.  

Got a project you’d like to smash with Facebook ads? Let’s make some campaign magic together by dropping a line here

Do-it-yourself kinda vibe? I respect that. Let’s hash out your challenges in a screen-share and define the next steps you need to bust out.

Still not convinced?

 Let me add a little spice to the mix ?️


  • I made conversions 68% cheaper for Crowdriff, allowing them to reach 50% more people for the same amount of money.
  • I generated 500% more traffic to the Empire Customs website in one day by taking advantage of a single moment in pop culture.
  • I grew RestoHub with Facebook ads, which now generates a large majority* of TouchBistro’s qualified leads! *actual percentage hidden for competitive reasons


If you still don’t know — now I know

Chances are that you’ll never be sure and we can both walk away from this exchange feeling like we did our best.

Otherwise, sign up for Chirps from a Social Birdy or drop me a line for projects or advice.

Let the nerding out on Facebook ads BEGIN!

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